Accommodations for visitors in the parks may be provided in various ways: (1) by private construction, ownership, and operation of hotels and other facilities, with reliance on competition to keep prices down and quality of services up, or through monopoly, with regulation of prices and services; (2) by government ownership and private operation, again either competitive or monopolized; (3) by government ownership and operation; or (4) by government ownership and nonprofit or co-operative operation. There may be various conceivable arrangements under each of these. Not all these alternatives were considered at the time Yellowstone was established, for private ownership and operation was the only policy considered: in fact it will be remembered that a few private facilities were set up in Yellowstone, and also Yosemite, before those parks were established. In the early years Congress would not appropriate money even for protection and administration; government construction and operation of facilities were quite unthinkable.