DINOSAUR DAMS AGAIN It is unnecessary to follow exhaustively all the Upper Colorado Project bills. In the 83rd Congress, bills were introduced by men from the Upper Colorado region, one of which (S. 1555), sponsored by Millikin, Anderson, Barrett, Bennett, Chavez, Goldwater, Hayden, Hunt, Johnson and Watkins, was debated in the next session but failed to pass. Early in 1955, in the next Congress, a number of bills were brought in, one of them (S. 500) sponsored by eleven senators from the states concerned. This bill, approved by President Eisenhower, Secretary McKay of the Department of the Interior, former Commissioner of Reclamation Straus, and the then Commissioner Dexheimer, the Federal Power Commission, and the Corps of Engineers, passed in the second session of Congress. There was powerful opposition from all over the country, from California, dependent on the power from Hoover Dam and the water from the river below, and from conservationists. The latter were able to force the promoters to eliminate Dinosaur, and to insert a provision forbidding the building of a dam or reservoir within any national park or monument and prohibiting any impairment of the Rainbow Bridge National Monument.!