Secretary of the Interior Carl Shurz under President Hayes, one of the great Secretaries in our history, took a deep interest in the preservation of the giant sequoias of California; and in 1885 Secretary L. Q. C. Lamar, in the Cleveland Administration, suspended land entries in eighteen townships in Fresno and Tulare counties, including many of the sequoia groves. In 1889 there was planned a withdrawal of the entire forest region from Yosemite (then a state park) southward to Kern County; but there was much pressure on the Secretary to rescind the withdrawals. Commercial interests were strong, but Colonel Stewart and his friends got the closely clipped sequoia and General Grant parks,2 and two years later the Sierra Club was organized by John Muir and other devoted men to fight for a big Kings Canyon, for the next half-century as it turned out. In 1906 the Sierra Club sent a report to the President, the Secretary of Agriculture, and the Chief Forester, urging better protection of the Kings Canyon area.