This law, like others that have preceded it, is generally regarded as inadequate in some vital respects by those having the interest of the salmon fisheries at heart; but there is little agreement among cannery people as to what the law should be. There is, however, a general inclination toward a tax on the output of each cannery and saltery for the support of hatcheries, and the suggestion that streams be leased for a term of years has everywhere met with favor. 6

Does anyone doubt that the wonderful Karluk River has suffered impoverishment since the days when it was easily able to produce, year after year without interruption, packs of 150,000 to 200,000 cases of red salmon? A comparison of the early days with the average packs of the last years is convincing that, whether or not on the Karluk bad is now giving place to worse, the river is consistently on a lower level of production than formerly.7