The obligatory occurrence of the Conjunct is accounted for by proposing a relationship of interdependence, expressed in terms of Checking Theory, between any verb bearing Conjunct morphology and non-negative C (non-Neg-C).2 This is the C-checks-VCJ hypothesis referred to in Chapter I. The formal definition of a Conjunct verb is thus a verbal element which combines in the lexicon with the formal feature [CI] . The feature [CI] is checked by non-Neg-C. Independent verbs, lacking the feature [CI], are checked within IP (at Agr, Num and T heads, as detailed in Chapter 2). For both Conjunct and Independent verbs, movement through IP is motivated by the requirement to check phi-features and Case. Movement to C is dependent on the presence of the feature [CI], distinguishing Conjunct verbs from Independent verbs.