The Kosovar natural allies, thus, are both the end of the Cold War and the Western integrations. But the state-building process in times of post-Cold War Europe for Kosovo has an additional characteristic: it has to be done through a democratic process. Differing from the whole Western European experience where the state was built first, while the democracy was built or expanded later, Kosovo of the twenty-first century has simultaneously to build both state and democracy

6. TRANSITIONALITY Kosovo is living through at least three transitional processes. The first transition is from communism to democracy. The end of the Cold War caught Kosovo being overrun by Milosevic's forces, abolishing all forms of self rule. Under the conditions of Milosevic's control it was impossible to engage in political and economic reforms that former Communist countries went through. Kosovo is today caught with a total lack of experience in democratic institutions and economic structures, in terms of property and production, inherited from socialism.