History of the French Revolution,from 1789 to 1830 (His to ire popufaire de fa Revolution franfaise, de 1789 it 1830, 1839-40).

If we are asked: What is your science? - We reply, Fraternity. What is your principle? - Fraternity. What is your doctrine? - Fraternity. What is your theory? - Fraternity. What is your system? - Fraternity. Yes, we maintain that Fraternity is everything ... 10

As much as Jesus, and more emphatically than any other reformer, our communism calls for the enfranchisement of women, the recognition of her natural rights, her equality, her education; above all our communism demands justice for all women, respect and filial love ... for all elderly women, brotherly friendship for all young women, fatherly affection and protection for all little girls, even more so than for their brothers.2o

Despite the fact that learia is apparently regarded by its female inhabitants as an idyllic paradise (since all women are 'cherished and protected in their spring and summer, cherished and respected in their autumn and winter, always calm and happy'21), female suffrage is not sanctioned. Cabet in fact never allowed women to vote or participate in any assemblies in his communitarian schemes in the United States. His greatest concession to women was to grant them a modest consultative role, as for example in the 1851 constitution of the Nauvoo community in Illinois (Article 120).