Along the plain between the granite rockstrees and flowers starting up thicker and thicker from the ground to greet the author and his companion approach their guides told them that they were at length entering the inhabited districts of the kingdom of Aheer, or Asben, as it is indifferently called. This announcement at once substituted pleasurable for uneasy sensations. They thought no more at all of pursuing robbers, and gave themselves up to the delight which always attends upon difficulties vanquished. The name of the first district is Taghajeet. They expected to behold groups of inhabitants coming joyfully to welcome them. It was about one that they crossed the unmarked frontier. Still there were rocks around, their angles softened away by trees; still wild flowers mingled with the herbage on every side; the heavens were clearing overhead, and the sun shed down a warm mantle of rays upon the land; yet there were no signs of life.