On the 4th of April, to my great relief, the messengers of the King of Fundah arrived. They were eighteen in number, and came galloping into the town on small high-spirited horses. Instead of coming direct to me, they went to a house at some distance, and sent a messenger to say that they would wait on me. Shortly after, they made their appearance, galloping up in rotation to the doorway and there dismounting; they each bent down and put my foot on their heads, and threw dust over themselves. Having finished this salute, they became seated, and their leader opened the palaver by saying that the king his 193master had sent him, his chief warrior to escort me to his capital, where I should find everything I wanted, &c.; and that, lest I should starve by the way, he had sent me a dash of some goats and yams. My reply was in presents ; but I expressed at the same time my annoyance at the delay which had been shown and my detention thereby, and that as I was unable to sit on horseback, I should require bearers for my hammock.