The Toradyas of Central Celebes say that the Creator made the first man and woman by carving figures in human shape out of stone and causing the wind to blow on them, for thus they acquired breath and life. He also gave them fire, but did not teach them how to make it. So in those early days people were very careful not to let the fire go out on the hearth. However, one day through carelessness the fire was allowed to go out, and the people were at a loss how to boil their rice. But the sky was then close to the earth, and the people resolved to send a messenger to the gods to ask for a little fire. The messenger chosen for the purpose was a certain insect called tambooya. When he came to the sky and asked for the fire, the gods said, “We will give you fire; but you must cover your eyes with your hands, for you may not see how we make fire.” The insect did as he was bidden, but the gods did not know that he had an eye under each shoulder. So while he lifted up his arms to hide the eyes in his head, he saw with his eyes under his arms how the gods made fire by striking a flint with a chopping-knife and thus eliciting a spark, which was then used to kindle dry wood. This fire was given by the gods to the insect, who took with it to earth the secret of how to kindle fire The mode of kindling fire by flint and steel is still the most usual method practised by the Toradyas. Flints are found in some of their streams and mountains. 1