Hong Xiuquan was a man of Huaxian, Guangdong. When he was forty or more years of age, he had long hair, wasp-like eyes [sie.], a broad visage, and a fat body, and he was somewhat literate. His sumame is unknown, though some say it was Zheng. In Daoguang 25 [1855] he went to Guangxi and joined a religious assoeiation. It so happened that when Hong Deyuan [mentioned earlier in the text as the leader of an assoeiation known as the Tiandinghui] passed away as a result of illness, he eame to assurne the sumame Hong and replaeed [Deyuan] as leader of the group .... In addition, he added Christianity and ealled hirnself the younger brother of Jesus and the younger, seeond son of the Heavenly Father Jehovah.