After the death of MulHi ~adra, the school established by him found its most famous interpreter and expositor in I:Iajji Mullii Hadi Sabziwan who was the greatest of the qakims of the Qajarperiod in Persia. After a period to turmoil caused by the Afghan invasion, in which the spiritual as well as the political life of Persia was temporarily disturbed, traditional learning became once again established under the Qajars, and in the hands of I:Iajji MulHi Hadi and his students the wisdom of Mulla ~adra began once again to flourish through the Shi 'ah world. This sage from Sabziwar gained so much fame that soon he became endowed with the simple title of lfajfi by which he is still known in the traditional madrasahs, l and his SharlJ-i man?:umah became the most widely used book on hikmatin Persia and has remained so until today.