My Introduction to Mangue and the "New Music Scene" of Recife I first heard the music of Chico Science & Na~ao Zumbi (Chico Science &

The Zumbi Nation) in either late 1994 or early 1995 on the National Public Radio program Afropop Worldwide as part of an episode that featured new sounds from Brazil. At the time, I was completing my masters thesis on the pagode samba of Rio de Janeiro and was on the lookout for topics for my Ph.D. dissertation. This fresh Brazilian band caught my attention with their fusion of heavy metal guitars, funky grooves, rapping vocals and technology with elements of regional Brazilian folk music. Indeed, I had never heard any music from anywhere this decade that managed, in my mind, to encode in such a striking and convincing fashion a "rootsy" regionalism within a cutting-edge, transnational sound.