The first mangue manifesto was written by Fred Zero Quatro and was distributed to the Brazilian press in 1991. Below is my translation of the text into English. This version of the manifesto (quoted in Teles nld: 5-6) is slightly different from the version that appears on the debut CD of Chico Science &

Na~ao Zumbi (Da Lama Ao Caos, Sony CD-81594/2-464476, 1995). (See footnote for major difference.)

Caranguejos Com Cerebro [Crabs With Brains] Mangue-The Concept

Estuary. The terminal part of a river or pond. A portion of the river with salty water. On its margins are found the manguezais, communities of tropical or subtropical plants flooded by the movements of the tides. Through the exchange of organic material between the fresh and salt water, the mangues are among the most productive ecosystems of the world, despite the fact that they are always associated with filth and with rottenness.