A large percentage of groups in the festival presented music that was overtly foreign-derived. For example, the Rio-based Funk Fuckers delivered a cross of straight-ahead heavy rock with rap-like vocals (a trend from the U.S. that has resonated in Brazil), while the Ratos do Poriio (Cellar Rats) reminded me of Metallica with Jimi Hendrix-inspired lead guitar. Another group, Sheik Tosado, one of the newest bands from Recife, also had a heavy rock basis. However, their rhythmic underpinnings (at one point it was a samba, at another point a northeastern /orr6) and embolada-inflected vocals carried a slight but unmistakable Brazilian flavor. Although their fusions did not sound to me as worked out as those of CSNZ, Sheik Tosado is one of the more notable of the many current mangue-identified bands that follow in the footsteps of Na~iio Zumbi. The lead singer of the group admitted Chico's influence and dedicated a song to the mangue pioneer. At the end of their set, the vocalist triumphantly stated into the microphone: "E do caralho ser pernambucano, porra!" which translates roughly as "It's damn cool to be Pernambucan!"