The staff went through another major structural change in 1986, resulting in the organization'S current structure. A highlight of this change was the development of coordinator positions. The need for these positions surfaced out of years of discussion about decision making in the group and the need to become more efficient as a business. The positions were designed to reflect the special knowledge and expertise of certain members. Responsibility for routine decisions was delegated to four women in the areas of personnel, medical, business, and outreach. In addition, a coordinator-at-large position rotates among interested members. The coordinators meet weekly as a group to discuss their various concerns and activities. There is also a personnel committee made up of five members including the personnel coordinator, who is elected by the rest of the board (described below). While the entire staff participates in personnel decisions such as hiring, firing, and determination of salaries, the personnel committee helps to establish criteria for those decisions. The staff refers to this new structure as a "modified collective."