Remedies for the Present rendered more Difficult by the Errors of the PastLabour in Other Countries during the Past-Protection against Foreign Competition, and its Effect on Wages-In the United States-Fair TradeExtension of the Functions of Government an Error-The Meaning of Frankenstein's Demon-The Population of Large Towns, though in a Bad State, Better than it was-Foreign Immigration-Theory of Lodging being Provided by the State-Nationalization of Land, Origin of the Movement for-Effects of such a Policy-Emigration of the Young-The Agricultural Remedy-Mr. Vallis on a Peasant Occupier's Earnings-Trade Unions, the Factor in Improving the Condition of Artizans-Their Prevalence in the Fifteenth Century —Duty of the Workman as Regards his Labour-The Economy of WasteThe Effect of Machinery may be Mischievous if not Counteracted by Labour Combinations-Labour Combinations and Rent, especially Ground RentsDomestic Servants' Wages-Overcrowded Callings often Relievable by Trade Unions-Extension of Trade Unions to Women's Work.