Appointment to Abivard.—Malik Mahmud, after leaving Isfahan to its fate, as mentioned in Chapter LXVIII., had soon found an opportunity of seizing Meshed, which had fallen a prey to anarchy. Once secure in his possession of the sacred city, he prepared a crown fashioned like that of the Keianis, and established himself as an independent ruler with a regular army of infantry, artillery, and cavalry. It happened that in the absence of Baba Ali Beg, one of his mamurs or officials came to Abivard and ill-treated the family of the Governor. Nadir Kuli immediately came to the rescue and killed the official. His master, upon his return, was in great perplexity ; but Nadir with remarkable courage proposed that he should himself proceed to Meshed. There he pleaded that as a loyal servant he was bound to defend his master’s honour, and Malik Mahmud not only pardoned him, but gave him a robe of honour. Shortly after this event Nadir married his master’s daughter, who subsequently became the mother of the unfortunate Riza Kuli. Upon the death of Baba Ali, for which according to some accounts Nadir was responsible, he succeeded to the governorship of Abivard.