For free translation, see Chapter III (Sec. 2) . The expression 'to sit at' is a euphemism for sexual intercourse (cf. also Div. XI, § 5).

48. I shall adduce here a brief text which refers to garden activities in general as well as to what we have called the functional classification of crops (Div. III, Sec. 20). T. 35. (i) Kidama ta-sapuio taytu, i-vagi gotoa-na;

supposing we plant taytu he make dead tuber his oluvi i-kabina'i. afterwards he grow

(ii) Gowa bita-tayoyuwa bita-laoa, dead tuber we might harvest we might throwaway bi-ma-ga kanutoa, bata-uiaye he might come instead yam-food we might bring there bata-sayli wa gugu. we might put in heap

(iii) I-kabina'i: i-tuwali kabine-na, i-tuioali yagogu-na, he grow he differ growth his he differ seed yam his i-tuwali kakauala, i-tutoali ugu, he differ minor seed yam he differ inferior taytu i-tuioali taytu kauakay-oiyaka. he differ taytu very big (w.l.)

49. FREE TRANSLATION: (i) When we plant taytu, it (the seed tuber) (turns into) the dead tuber, while (at the same time) it grows (into a new plant) .