Mazdak went, oped the portal of the garden, And thought maybe to see fruit-bearing trees, But seeing what he did he gave a cry, And then all consciousness abandoned him. Kisrá gave orders for a lofty gibbet To be set up and at the top to fasten A twisted lasso. Thereupon he hung That impious wretch head-downwards and alive,. And after slew him with a shower of arrows. If thou art prudent follow not Mazdak ! The chiefs felt reassured about their wealth, Their women, children, and their pleasances. Kubád remained ashamed for many days, And cursed Mazdak, gave mendicants much largess And offered gifts before the Fane of Fire. He gladdened at Kisrá exceedingly Because that Bough of his bare fruit of gems. From that time forth the father sought alway The son’s advice and heard what he would say.