Whenas great Sháh Urmuzd had ta'en his seat The sheep and wolf alike came to his cistern. He thus addressed the noble men of lore, And chieftains veteran and experienced :— " I shall pursue the just and right, for he That keepeth in his mind his sire's advice Is blest. Since God, the Giver of all good, Hath given good to me, and therewithal The crown that is upon the head of kings, I would by kindness win you as my friends, Andshare your secrets. Know that self-willed men Are hated by the mighty ; led away By their impatience they have ne'er enough, For envy is the scimitar of fools, And fortune ever mocketh them. Again, Short will the life and provand be of one Ashamed to work. Avoid the common folk If so thou canst, their hearts are doors of greed. Pass not in life his portal whom thou findest Devoid of knowledge ; but the men of wisdom, With prudence and good rede, confirm the throne. May thy heart live by prudence and good sense ; Do thou thine utmost to avoid all ill. Knowledge and wisdom are like earth and water, And should combine. What marvel if the heart