Now Ardawán possessed a lofty palace, Wherein there dwelt a favourite slave of his. She was a Moon-face hight Guiñar2-a picture All jewelry and colour and perfume. She ministered to Ardawán and kept His treasury. He loved her more than life, And joyed and smiled to look on her.3 One day, When she had mounted to the palace-roof, C-1370 And gladdened at that mirth,4 she saw Ardshir ; His lips were smiling, and he won her heart. She waited till the eve or rather night, Then tied a lasso to the battlements With many a knot. She proved it with her hand,5 And then, invoking Him who giveth good, Descended boldly. When in all her gems,

And savouring musk and other spicery, She reached Ardshir she raised his head, which lay Upon the pillow of brocade, and clasped him,

'When he was wakened, tightly to her breast. The young man marked that lovely one, her face, Her hair, and scented bravery, and said :— " Whence hast thou sprung to grace my troubled heart?"