He bade that every one of Kaian seed Should make him ready to appear at court, Not dreaming of foul play. Now when they bare The letter to the sage his heart was riven. He answered instantly and, thou hadst said, Made of the lashes of his eye his pen-point :—l " The letter of the world's king hath arrived. Thou must withhold thy hand from evil-doing, Abandon this ill purpose, expiate Tiie thought by giving alms, restrain thyself, Commit thyself to God and in the world Sow only seed of good. We live for death, For die we must past help. None hath borne oft* The kingship with him, but hath gone and left His greatness to another. So be ware, Shed not the blood of princes else a curse Will be upon thee till the Eesurrection. Again, when for the íránian troops no Sháh Shall sit upon the throne hosts will arrive From Turkistán and Hind, Sakláb and Chin, Arrive from all sides, and 'twill be no marvel If they that take írán shall war with Bum. Not e'en a breath must harm the Kaian-born. Convoke the Human and Iranian chiefs To merrymake, feast, conference, and banquet. Appoint to every chief a fitting province, c. 1355 And start a new roll with the names of Human And of íránian chiefs at whose expense Thou hast obtained the world, but give to none

The lordship o'er another and withal Call none of them the Sháh, and let these Kaians Serve as the shields of thine own land if thou Wouldst have not Bum invaded."