Sikandar, On hearing what Dárá, son of Dáráb, Had done, bade blow the trumpet. There arose The din of kettledrum and Indian bell. Sikandar from Istakhr led forth such powers That Sol was lost in heaven. Dárá too marched For his part, and his Grace renewed the world. V. 1800 The war-cry rose from both sides and the troops Had little rest. Sikandar ranged his host, The air grew dark, earth viewless. When Dárá Led forth his troops-no army bent on strife, But broken-hearted and grown sick of warThe fortune of the Íránians drooped its head. They closed not with the Rúmans hand to hand; They were the fox, the Rúmans were the lion, And all the chiefs asked quarter, having come Down from their pride to deep humility. Dárá saw, turned away, and fled lamenting. With him there went three hundred cavaliers-