Calling an interpreter, He mounted on his wind-swift bay and reached The appointed place, expectant of Bízhan, Who with his own interpreter anon Came dight for combat, riding Shabáhang, Girt tightly, and advancing haughtily Like warrior-pard to battle. He was mailed Withal on his heroic breast, his head Shone with his royal casque. He thus addressed Húmán : “ O light of wit ! but yesternight Thou didst bear off a souvenir from meThy head ! To-day my hope is that my sword Will part it from its body in such wise As with thy blood to turn the dust to clay. Thou mayest take to heart an apologue : The mountain-sheep once said to the gazelle :— V. 11 ‘ Though all the plain were silk no more again The snare once ’scaped for me ! Be thine the plain.’ ”

Húmán replied : “ To-day Gív’s heart shall break For his bold son. Wilt thou contend with me Upon Mount Kanábad, or make the scene Raibad, and far from aid on either side ? ”