Deem not in character the same All those who bear the Brahman's name. Among them every sort you find, In work, in character, in mind. Some dangerous, dark, resemble wells, Whose mouth luxuriant grass conceals; While others are as clear as day, When shines the sun's unclouded ray. Some cattle tend, some till the ground; Some, begging, roam the country round. Some fierce, and wild, obey no rule, While some are soft as cotton-wool. Some harmless lives ascetic lead, From earthly hopes and longings freed; 'While some, to sordid passions slaves, Are liars, thieves, and arrant knaves; And others in the mimic's art * Adepts, in plays enact their part. By lives so low, by acts so base, Some men this highest caste disgrace,

*" This might have been otherwise rendered ;- And others, leagued with dancers, stoop To join a dancing, acting, troop. .