FREUD'S FIRST contribution to psychoanalytic psychiatry was contained in an article written in 1896. The case was one of paranoid schizophrenia with mechanisms similar to the mechanisms of hysteria. The therapeutic result was incomplete. Subsequently Freud's interest was for a long time directed towards other problems. In the meantime after 1902 the attention of Bleuler and Jung was more and more drawn to psychoanalysis, and they found "Freud's Mechanisms" not only in neurotic conditions but also in psychoses, especially in dementia praecox. Jung's Diagnostische Associationsstudien began to appear in 1904. The studies contain many references to the psychoses. In 1907 there appeared Jung's Psychologic die Dementia Praecox,

the first systematic attempt to interpret psychoanalytically the psychology of dementia praecox. In 19I1 several papers of Ferenczi applied psychoanalytic thinking to paranoia and the psychoses, and Freud himself published his psychoanalytic remarks on the autobiography of Schreber. Bleuler's work on schizophrenia appeared in 19II, and Jung's Wandlungen und Symbole der Libido was published in 19II and 1912. From that time the psychoanalytic literature has shown a deep and continued interest in the problem of schizophrenia.