Philosophy has long said that truth cannot be separated from goodness and beauty, This is not an idealist's shibboleth; it has a natural ground. If emotion is the psychological aspect of universal energy, the realms of ethics and aesthetics are on firm footing. They are not subjective, not projected on to a dead physical world whose truth science has pre-empted. Rather, the emotional qualities of goodness and beauty are objectively given by the world of nature as part of its truth. That we are blind to the emotional aspects of things does not mean that they are not there. Moral and aesthetic education, education of the emotions, goes hand in hand with the development of science and reason if reality is to be experienced as it really is and not as a cut out, partial system of operations. Moralists and educators have long cried for this but always on the basis of some moralistic ought; while here we try to expose the rational ground of this ought in the very material substrate of all things.