Jean was "out of parental control". She was reported to the police for refusing to return home at a reasonable hour and for open defiance of parental demands. Enquiry showed that she was an adopted child-taken at the age of four, petted and dressed as a beautiful doll until about the age of seven and then rejected. Her foster-parents had a son of their own about the same age. Her earliest recollections were of this boy being taken to the Pictures and her being left, of the boy being allowed to bring home his friends and her being forbidden to bring hers, of his receiving presents and her being forgotten. Her " mother " showed her no affection. Her" father" paid her no attention. She had no recollection of having been taken for walks or played with by either parent since about the age of seven. Her home was a home in which nothing interesting or entertaining ever happened. It was not her club; her family _was not her gang.