In this chap ter w e shall describe some typ ical age g roup systems of various societies. H ith e rto w e have been dis­ cussing age groups in general w ithou t calling attention

to differences betw een them . W e discussed them also in the abstract, w ith o u t describing them concretely in any detail. In this chapter w e shall give ra th e r detailed descriptions of various types o f age groups, using in so fa r as possible the original descriptive m aterial of ethnographers, historians and m odern sociologists, w ith only slight changes and paraphrasing. W e shall no t describe and enum erate here all the societies in w hich age groups are found. W e shall ra th e r describe some age g roup systems w hich seem to be m ost representative of a m uch w ider range. In each case w e shall also indicate briefly in w hich so­ cieties w e find similar organization and characteristics o f age groups. A ll the age groups dealt w ith here w ill represent, on the whole, the main types of age groups know n to exist in various societies. W e shall no t give here detailed analysis of th e so­ cieties in w hich these age groups are found, b u t shall dw ell only on the in ternal organization of the age groups.