TH.E village of Taitou is fortunate in its geographical location.-Theclimate is mild throughout the year and there is usually sufficient . rain in the growing s,eason. There are occasional'droughts or floods but these are never of a serious nature. The' 'soil is only of fair quality, but it is varied and can produce diversified crops, an important point in a community which must be economically. self-sufficient. The nearness to the sea lane and to the modern metropolitan center of Tsingtao is also an advantage, although Tsingtao has given very little help to the village. Yet the modern influences which radiate from the city are being increasingly felt by ~e rural people and there is little doubt that the new civilization will eventually overthrow the old· traditional ways pf life. This process of change will be hastened by the development of modem means of communication and transportation between the city and the country and by the penetration of the modern economy.