THIS Method of tearing from the Senate the most resolute Patriots, upon any Pretences, was a favorite Scheme with that shameless Ministry; Your Expulsion was succeeded by the same ungenerous Treatment of Mr. Steele; (1) a Gentleman endeared to the Nation by the Humanity and Politeness of his Writings; and as generally esteemed, as known, for the amiable Candour and Softness of his Manners. But when he saw our Honour abroad abandoned, and our Liberties at home devoted a Sacrifice, he scorned all Applause upon lesser Subjects, and generously employed his Pen in Defence of his Country. When he viewed the Protestant Succession at stake, he disdained all Fame for Pieces of Elegance: And made it the Object of his Public Writings, to inspire the Sentiments of Freedom, and to rouse the Virtue of his Country --- THIS was his Crime in those Days of Fury, and for this it was determined to exclude him from the Senate - When he exposed the Injustice of his