While this book was being written, Mitterand took power in France, with a comfortable parliamentary majority (Allende in Chile was handicapped throughout by being in a minority in Congress). By the time this book is published we shall know much more about what Mitterand will do. It is my hope and expectation that he will do his utmost to avoid the errors that have been described above. (Alas, he seems to be on the verge of committing some of them!)

Some Thoughts on Nationalisation Nationalisation of the British species arouses no enthusiasm, in the minds of most socialists and anti-socialists. It would probably be agreed that hopes which reposed on nationalisation have been disappointed. Conservatives hold that this is due to defects inherent in nationalisation, that private enterprise based on private ownership is inherently superior. (Mrs Thatcher's government tried to ensure that this was so by preventing essential investments and ordering the nationalised industries to sell off their more successful undertakings.) Obviously, socialists cannot agree. Yet the kinds of nationalisation frequently encountered in Western countries cannot give them satisfaction. Let us examine the problems involved.