At the beginning of 1857, General Bum Bahadur was the Prime Minister of Nepal, having been installed after the resignation of Jung Bahadur in August 1856. Prime Minister Bum Bahadur’s tenure in office was a short one. He died on May 24, 1857, after serving less than one year. His term was unique in two respects: he was the first Prime Minister in the history of Nepal to die peacefully in office; and his actions in office gave evidence of an attitude of greater co-operation and friendship with the British than any of his predecessors, including Jung Bahadur. As one indication of this attitude, he allowed British (Indian) troops and police to cross the Nepalese frontier north of Oudh in pursuit of a notorious freebooter, Fuzl Ali. 1 Previously, British troops had been strictly prohibited from entering Nepal, during peacetime, for any reason whatever.