Even when the most disastrous war, The World War, had witnessed or imagined was on the global opinion was wearing around the view that violent conflicts among the nations should be avoided by all means. In retrospect, the consensus was that the First World War happened only because of lack of trust and absence of meaningful communication among the various stakeholders. Most of the contending nations involved in the conflict were ruled by individuals who were blood relations by birth. Mutual jealousy and mistrust overruled their senses and reasoning. Likewise, the seeds of the Second World War were sown during the First World War itself They had to germinate sooner or later. There were misunderstandings and some of those who were in a position to avoid the hostilities had their own unstated ambitions for war to take place. Capitalist world, litself caught in an unprecedented depression, was not happy with the rise of socialistic allies. To pull them down was their hidden unstated agenda.