ACTIVATION OCCURS WHEN a thing is in operation. We often think about this idea in terms of two states—either something is ‘on’ or it is ‘off’. While we can consider how a powered object is activated by pressing a button or flipping a switch, the concept also applies to other entities, spaces, events, and ideas. If we had a vase on a table without holding anything, then that vase is inactive. An empty vase is in an off position and not in operation as it is not performing as it was intended. However, if we place some flowers into the vase, we have now activated the vase. Likewise, an activated person is one who is motivated to move and act. An activated idea is one that is put into operation to affect the world. An activated space is a location that is used as fully as possible. In all these cases, the thing that is activated performs as intended and to its fullest extent.