THIS BOOK IS INTENDED to be a resource of ideas that are based on ourselves and the way we understand the world around us. These also happen to be the same ideas we use to design a world that people can understand. The ideas are simple and based on fundamental human thinking yet are typically not explicit and often ignored. They are so simple, in fact, that we forget that they matter. While many of the ideas in this book are found in all aspects of human life and at many different scales, within these pages they are defined for the context of urban design. While the book uses physical examples found in our urban environment, the point of the book is to illustrate the cognitive aspect of those examples as part of our human thinking structure. Much of the content of this book might be things taken for granted by an established urban designer. However, for someone new to the discipline, this book will provide clear access to ideas, processes, and terminology which are at the core of an urban design practice.