Italian Futurist artist Fortunato Depero published two versions of his autobiography: 1 Fortunato Depero: Nelle opere e nella vita (Fortunato Depero in His Works and Life) was released in Italian in 1940; a revised version substantially changed in content and structure was published in English in 1947 as So I Think So I Paint: Ideologies of an Italian Self-Made Painter. In both, New York played a central role. In the Italian version, the City of New York makes its first appearance in a description of Macy's 1929 Thanksgiving Parade: “The most impressive and characteristic images of this commercial procession are the immense, swinging balloons … which represent human and animal figures. Flying elephants and lunar heads smile and float happily above the crowd … They seem to belong to a fabulous world made of huge soap bubbles.” 2 The passage closes the book's section on advertising and introduces the more strictly autobiographical part, “Brani di vita vissuta” (Fragments of a Lived Life). Here, New York covers by far the largest portion: 50 out of 80 pages.