As artist-in-residence at Joshua Tree National Park, Goin enjoyed week-long camping trips to this iconic Mojave Desert landscape over the course of several years. Indulging his lyrical imagination and spirit of play, Goin made both performative color images and erotic black-and-whites of sensuous rock formations. For the performative pieces, each requiring multiple exposures, Goin orchestrated scenes that depict a spectral human figure appearing in or melting into the desert’s evening shadows. His black-and-white photographs explore the concept of sensuality, departing from Goin’s enduring interest in human-altered landscapes in order to revel in anthropomorphic landscapes, namely natural features that resemble parts of the human body.

Environmental perception key concepts: national parks, aboriginal presence/absence, changing valuation of Joshua trees.

Visual literacy key concepts: sensuality, anthropomorphism, Susan Sontag, performance art.