Under the Constitution adopted on 4 March 2003, legislative power is vested in the Assembleia Nacional (National Assembly), which comprises 55 members, elected by universal adult suffrage for a term of four years. Following the enactment of new legislation in February 2021 creating two new overseas constituencies, the National Assembly was to be enlarged to 57 members at the legislative elections scheduled for 2022. No limit is placed on the number of political parties permitted to operate. Executive power is vested in the President of the Republic, who is head of state, and who governs with the assistance of an appointed Council of Ministers, led by the Prime Minister. The Council of State acts as an advisory body to the President, who is elected by universal suffrage for a term of five years. The President's tenure of office is limited to two successive terms. The Prime Minister, who is appointed by the President, is, in theory, nominated by the members of the National Assembly.