Many Latin American countries suffer from chronic underdevelopment and corruption. These elements, when taken together, create the perfect illicit business environment, which will attract organized criminal groups. Russian and Chinese mafia groups have enriched themselves in the trafficking of people and narcotics. This chapter traces the history of Chinese and Russian organized crime in Latin America. The first section will study the development of the Triads and their business model as they develop, expand, and protect their illicit supply chain. Special attention to the deep level of complex cooperation between the Triads and other domestic gang groups will be given. The second section discusses the Russian mafia in Latin America. The Russian mob enriches itself in Latin America due to the wealth potential located there. Like any business, supply fills demand. Products flow into areas that demand certain commodities and then there is payment for those products or services rendered. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russian mafia has expanded into Latin America for those reasons.