Chapter 4 discusses the increasingly turbulent regional complex of East Asia. China is expanding its influence throughout the world, especially the developing states of Africa and Latin America. In response, the United States and Japan have begun to expand their own influences. To add to this, China is determined to build islands in the South China Sea to extend and exert its influence throughout its sphere of influence. These actions are specifically a concern for the United States and Japan, as well as other, weaker actors in the region. They are forced to build islands of their own as well as increase armaments. Since 2015, Japan has parted ways with its pacifist constitution because of these mechanizations. Japan has been allowed to change the rules of the system while China faces opposition from the United States. Given the increased focus of military spending in the area, will war be the result? The chapter will recommend that China and Japan come together to discuss ways in which certain spheres of influence can be agreed upon.