Daesh emerged in the context of Iraqi insurgency and the following civil wars in Iraq and Syria. For this reason, the physical existence of Daesh led to the armed conflict with various state and non-state actors. The main aim of this chapter is to provide an overview of actors fighting Daesh and reveal the problematic complexity of the conflict. This chapter analyzes actors at three levels: local, regional, and global. On the local level, focus is put on the Iraqi and Syrian governments, Free Syrian Army, Syrian Democratic Forces, Kurds, Popular Mobilization Forces, and other important actors. Regional level deals with the attitudes of Turkey, Iran, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. Global level deals with Russia, US, and the global coalition against Daesh. This chapter helps to provide answers to the questions: What is the character of local, regional, and global opposition against Daesh? What actions are conducted by the opposition to fight Daesh? Findings answers to these questions will provide better understanding of the environment within which Daesh operates as well as the significance of the issue.