Chapter 8, the final chapter of this book, provides conclusions on the limited statehood of Palestine in multilateral frameworks and their legal consequences. In this regard, there are two important observations: The first observation is that through the procedures of accession to multilateral treaties and admission to international organizations, the formal statehood question of Palestine was circumvented. Hence, this book indicated that the statehood question of Palestine was irrelevant for adhering to multilateral frameworks reserved only for formal States, though a positive answer to the question seems inevitably needed in making a particular decision by both the depositaries and international organizations. The second observation illustrated the legal consequences of being accepted as a State for a limited purpose, in particular for an entity which has been struggling for statehood and aiming to have a seat at the table of formal States for decades. It showed (1) the contrast of what Palestine could do before and after its acceptance as a State, and (2) the different legal relationships of rights and obligations between Palestine and other groups of State Parties.