Chapter 7 discusses CasaPound’s repertoire of communication focusing on the group’s media infrastructure and style. CPI’s communication infrastructure ensured the recognizability of the group not only among extreme-right sympathizers but also among mainstream audiences and journalists. Moreover, the group’s communication style taps into commercial media demand for entertaining stories and simplified messages, exploiting the often-ambivalent relationship between the media and the far right. Using data collected through interviews, participant observation and qualitative content analysis of online and offline material, the chapter provides an overview of CPI’s media outlets addressing internal and external publics (7.1). The chapter then outlines the main traits of CPI’s communication style and traces the evolution of the group’s strategy of media management (7.2). The concluding section discusses how this hybrid repertoire of communication consolidated the high profile of CPI in public debates, facilitating the drift of its fringe messages into the political mainstream.