The postlude provides a “post-mortem,” if you will. Benjamin resists making generalizations and conclusions based upon individual lived experiences; however, the postlude is a space in which Benjamin assesses the successes and limitations of his project, after the fact. Benjamin also draws attention to cross-participant patterns and trajectories to help guide administrators, if not to specific policy changes or “best practices,” to ways of seeing queer students as more than one-dimensional people who represent a monolithic demographic that can be served through universal shifts in policy and/or practice. Benjamin underscores a central message of the work: there can be no singular campus climate study that will serve all queer subjects equitably. Campus climate studies must be undertaken in every context containing queer people, and those studies must be perpetual and vigilant in order to be truly queer-inclusive. As Benjamin wrote in “Fox: An Opera Comique,” “Inclusion is not a linear achievement. It is cyclical. And fragile.”