To conclude the analysis of foreign investors’ responsibilities in the context of neoliberal globalization, this chapter recalls the interdisciplinary approach that has been mobilized and provides a nuanced response to the question underlying the book. More specifically, it emphasizes the contribution that each part of the book brings to the study of the subject at hand. First, thanks to the macro-level analysis of the normative integration of foreign investors’ responsibilities in international investment law, it emphasizes that this normative integration is fragmented and consistent with the interests of the most powerful actors involved in the international investment lawmaking process. Second, through a micro-level analysis of instruments elaborated and implemented by intergovernmental organizations, it maintains that the overwhelming majority of current initiatives are social norms that fail to produce a genuine sense of obligation. The conclusion of the book also highlights that lessons can be drawn from this analysis for the ongoing elaboration of a formal business and human rights treaty at the United Nations.