The final chapter looks at ways for humanity to rediscover its wonder at nature. First, the chapter considers how ecocentrism and a sense of wonder towards nature are truths discovered and rediscovered by many writers and most indigenous cultures. It examines how breaking the denial dam about society’s predicament is both essential and can also aid society to increase its sense of wonder. The need to transform society’s worldview and ethics is discussed, followed by the need to reawaken an Earth spirituality, so as to re-enchant the world. Nurturing imagination and creativity in children is central here. It considers the key steps along the road to wonder, both for society and for us individually. The chapter considers society’s two key problems – (1) addiction to an impossible and unsustainable ‘endless growth’ myth, and (2) the worldview of anthropocentrism and human supremacy. Both of these are unsustainable. The chapter concludes it is time to accept that failure and try something else – ecocentrism and a sense of wonder where we belong to the Earth. Only these will allow us to change and give us the deep belief to undertake the ‘Great Work’ of healing the world.