What is a teacher? What may seem on the surface like a simple answer in reality goes far beyond what the public may believe. A teacher plans lessons, learning and progress. A teacher supports, enables and facilitates learning. A teacher also marks, assesses and reports progress. A teacher analyses and manages data. A teacher provides safety, consistency and opportunities. A teacher listens, guides and supports. A teacher acts as a mentor, counsellor and leader. Being a teacher is so much more than just teaching. This chapter encourages the reader to consider why they teach and how to keep a hold of those reasons by sharing insight from a range of teachers, school leaders and university professionals from the world of EduTwitter; including the likes of Adrian Bethune, author of ‘Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom – A Practical Guide to Teaching Happiness’, Gill Rowland, Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University and Andrew Cowley, Deputy Headteacher and author of ‘The Wellbeing Toolkit’.