In this chapter I want to make a brief journey along a particular theological stream. In the following chapter I shall take a similar course with psychology. The first stream is my own theology, or less ambitiously, my theological perspective. I cannot assume that others will feel at home in this stream, though some may. Nevertheless, the streams others travel may have some similarities to mine, since all streams share similar properties. Perhaps our streams intersect at several points and for a while flow into each other. Perhaps they converge to form a broader, well established river, which in turn converges with other rivers, and eventually flows into the sea, and into the vast ocean of religion. In proposing this perspective, I cannot disown or ignore the accompanying myriad of tributaries, streams and rivers with which I mix along the way. I need to connect with other, larger experiences than mine; to know and feel part of the greater whole. In the context of this book this will not seduce me into attempting a definition of religion but I will have to demonstrate how my theological perspective can be supported as a genuine expression of what religion, at heart, is about.